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How to successfully upload your product on envacode marketplace

Upload a product image

A preview image on Envacode is 800px by 400px. Potential buyers will see the image while browsing item listing pages. The image is then resized to a smaller format when shown on listing pages. It is also shown on the your items page as one of the first images. Here are a few tips to create a great preview image.

Enter a product name, category and sub category 


Enter a price you’ll like to sell your product from ( $5 - 1000 )

Enter a demo link of your product 

A preview link to the product you’re offering to sell e.g.

Specify if you’ll like to offer a support for your product if not sellect No 


If YES enter Extended support charge in % 
E.g. 100% of product price for 12 months

Also enter discount for extended support e.g 5% OFF. If not enter 0

Enter the Files included in your product 

Enter a product description ( HTML or plain text allowed and a minimum of 1000 characters)

Message to reviewer 

Upload the Main Zip file 

Upload Product Screenshot ( Minimum of 3 )

Click on submit now 
Click on submit now Your product will then first be reviewed before it’s published. This normally takes less that 12 hrs or sometimes 1-2 business days